Biobased Chemicals & Additives

Including platform chemicals and raw materials, surfactants, solvents, functional additives, cosmetic ingredients and more.


PURASOLV® EL is a biobased solvent, derived from ethyl lactate, for personal care and cosmetic formulations.

NatureShield® 50

NatureShield® 50 is a natural oil-based emulsion for wood & concrete surface coatings with 91% biobased content.

Elevance Unify® 270

Elevance Unify® 270 is a high-performing, biobased coalescing agent for waterborne paints and coatings.

NeoLigno® by Stora Enso

NeoLigno® by Stora Enso is a biobased binder derived from sustainably sourced lignin.

Teflon EcoElite™

Teflon EcoElite™ is a non-fluorinated, biobased durable water repellant finish containing 60% renewably sourced materials.

Santicizer® Platinum G-2000

Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 is an efficient, bio-based primary plasticizer with 85% renewable carbon content.

Joncryl® BRC 6824

Joncryl® BRC 6824 is a water-based binder with 50% bio-renewable content for flexographic and gravure inks.

BioForm BZ® Benzene

BioForm BZ® benzene from Virent is a high-purity biobased alternative and drop-in replacement for petrochemical based benzene.

Polyglykol 10000 SG Vita

Polyglykol 10000 SG Vita from Clariant is a 100% biobased polyethylene glycol (PEG) and surfactant for personal care formulations.


Bio-2,3-Butanediol is a renewably sourced platform chemical produced via a patented fermentation process.

Brontide® Natural BG

Brontide® is naturally sourced 1,3 butylene glycol for use in a variety of personal care and cosmetic applications.


OC-BioBinders from OrganoClick are 100% biobased binders derived from organic waste streams.