Hexion Expands R&D Capacity for Biobased Resins

Incorporating renewable raw materials is a key component of Hexion’s goal to enhance sustainability in resin chemistry for wood panel applications.

In line with this goal, Hexion has committed to expand its R&D capacity at their Forest Products complex in Edmonton, Alberta by the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

In particular, Hexion’s R&D efforts will focus on developing and testing commercially viable biobased phenol substitutes for wood panel adhesive resin systems.

Instead of phenol, they will incorporate renewable materials, such as Lignin:

‘ An abundant, natural polymer, lignin is an organic material that has significant potential as an adhesive substitute in wood panel production.’

The expanded facility will also include commercial scale production equipment, such as a panelboard press, to closely resemble the actual production process and evaluate whether biobased resin technology can meet or exceed industry standards based on conventional materials.

The biobased resin systems will also support the sustainable mission of Hexion’s other product lines, such as their low emitting EcoBind product technology, and build on the inherent flame, smoke, and toxicity properties of their wood panel solutions.

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