Biobased Lubricants & Oils

Including base oils, process oils, hydraulic fluids, food grade lubricants, marine environmentally acceptable lubricants, wire and rope lubricants, and more.

Royal Enviroguard Wire Rope Lubricant Oil

Royal Enviroguard Wire Rope Lubricant Oil is formulated with a unique blend of vegetable oils to provide lubrication in heavy industrial applications.
Royal Mfg Co.

BioFlo AW Hydraulic Fluid

BioFlo AW Hydraulic Fluid is a readily biodegradable, zinc-free, anti-wear hydraulic oil produced by BioBlend Renewable Resources, LLC.

NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec base oils are produced from plant sugars, which are converted to pure hydrocarbon molecules through an advanced industrial biotechnology platform.

Cosmolubric® B-230

Cosmolubric® B-230 is is a synthetic, biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid based on naturally sourced organic esters.

EcoLine® Food Machinery Lubricating Grease

EcoLine® Food Machinery Lubricating Grease is a high-quality, corrosion inhibiting lubricant formulated with American-grown natural seed oil.

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