Performance Additive


POLYSORB® ID is a blend of diesters obtained from esterification of isosorbide with plant-based fatty acids.

reFlex 100™

reFlex™ 100 from PolyOne™ is an exceptional, high solvating, non-phthalate, bio-derived alternative to conventional plasticizers.


HALLGREEN® R-3020 is compatible in many new biopolymers, such as PLA, Plastarch Material (PSM) and environmentally friendly polyesters.


Bylox is a plant-based bio-additive that is low cost and incorporates readily into a wide variety of polymer resins.

MWV® Diacid 1550

MWV® Diacid 1550 is a biobased and biodegradable material produced by Ingevity. It is primarily used as a co-emulsifier in metalworking formulations.