Resins & Compounds

Keltan®eco EPDM

Keltan® eco EPDM is a biobased rubber polymer produced by Arlanxeo, a joint venture between Lanxess and Saudi Aramco. Eco EPDM uses biobased ethylene produced from sugarcane in Brazil.


Rilsan® HT is the first flexible, high-temperature polyphtalamide (PPA). Available from Arkema and containing up to 70% non-food crop biobased content, this material is designed to replace metal in automotive and high-temperature industrial tubing applications.

Biobased PHB

Mango Materials produces Poly-hydroxybutryate (Biobased PHB), a naturally occurring biopolymer from waste biogas (methane).


VESTAMID® Terra HS (PA 610) is a biopolyamide from Evonik. This polymer exhibits high mechanical strength and good UV and chemical resistance.

Corbion PLA L175

Corbion Purac's PLA homopolymer resins are available in a range of melt viscosities and deliver improved heat resistance over standard PLA.

ENVIROLITE® 31325-00

ENVIROLITE® 31325-00 is an unsaturated polyester molding resin derived in part from soybean oil.