About Bio-Sourced


Bio-Sourced.Com makes it easy to discover and learn about new biobased materials for a wide range of products and applications.

Our site explores renewable raw materials, new products that incorporate these materials, and the companies that are fueling the growth of an emerging bioeconomy; from companies developing new feedstock platforms, to product developers and manufacturers that integrate biomaterials into products designed for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

Educating a Broader Audience

The biobased sector has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade.

But it is still a niche sector, with huge untapped potential to reduce our dependency on finite fossil resources, enhance sustainability and product performance, and power the global economy through job growth in manufacturing, R&D, infrastructure improvements and much more.

As new biotechnology platforms are developed and commercialized, our goal is to educate a broader audience about how these innovations are finding their way into the products we use everyday, whether at work, home or play.

If you have suggestions about how we can improve this site, or ideas about topics we should cover, including new companies, materials, or emerging technologies, please feel free to contact us.