Discover Biobased Materials

Learn about companies transforming renewable feedstocks into innovative products and sustainable materials.

Mycocycle Turns Waste into Sustainable Building Materials Using Fungi

Mycocycle is transforming industrial waste into valuable biobased materials using mycelium.

MakeGrowLab Makes Nanofibers from Local Bio Waste

MakeGrowLab develops durable and home-compostable materials from local waste.

Humble Bee Bio’s Materials are Inspired by Bees

Humble Bio, based in Wellington, New Zealand, is recreating bioplastics from bee DNA.

Arda Biomaterials Turns Beer Into Leather

Arda Biomaterials is harnessing the potential of brewer's spent grain (BSG) to create a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

Hexafly Produces Sustainable Feed and Fertilizer from Black Flies

Hexafly offers sustainable food and fertilizer solutions, utilizing Black Soldier Fly larvae to produce protein and other byproducts.

Newlight Technologies: Converting Greenhouse Gas into Versatile Biomaterials

Newlight Technologies converts greenhouse gases into Air Carbon, a viable alternative to synthetic plastics and animal leather