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ANPOLY Nanocellulose

Supplier: Anpoly


ANPOLY is a renewable and biodegradable raw material made from wood pulp-derived nanocellulose.

It is also lightweight, yet high in strength, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications, including lightweight composites, packaging, filtration, cosmetics, and medical biomaterials.

ANPOLY offers two types of nanocellulose: CNF (Cellulose Nanofiber) and CNC (Cellulose Nanocrystal).

These two types of nanocellulose are distinguished by their shape and aspect ratio. CNF has a fibrous shape with an aspect ratio of more than 1/100, while CNC has a crystalline shape with an aspect ratio of less than 1/50.

The difference in shape is due to the manufacturing method, where CNF is manufactured using a mechanical method that maintains the fiber shape, while CNC is manufactured through acid hydrolysis, which melts the amorphous region, leaving only the crystalline region.

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