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BioBlend PO

Supplier: BioBlend


BioBlend PO is a penetrating oil and general-purpose lubricant formulated from readily biodegradable base stocks and proprietary additives.

BioBlend PO is derived from natural ester base oils, with over 95% biobased tested under ASTM 6866 standards.

BioBlend PO has excellent wetting ability and a high affinity for metal surfaces, with the ability to loosen frozen, rusted or stuck components. As a general lubricant and metal cleaner, it is formulated with renewable solvents that can dissolve dirt and grease while leaving a light lubricating film to inhibit corrosion.

BioBlend PO can be used as an environmentally acceptable lubricant to replace products such as Liquid Wrench™, PB Blaster™ or similar products.

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