Biocement® is a revolutionary building material developed by North Carolina based Biomason that's created through a fusion of biology and technology.

Biocement® is a revolutionary building material that is created through a fusion of biology and technology. Inspired by the growth patterns of coral in marine ecosystems, Biomason has developed a process that minimizes carbon emissions in the production of cement.

Traditionally, cement production has been a significant contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. However, Biomason's patented process harnesses carbon in a similar way to nature, combining it with calcium to produce Biocement materials.

The Biocement produced by Biomason has a wide range of applications. One of their commercially available products, called Biolith, is a precast material that consists of approximately 85% natural aggregate and 15% Biocement material.

Biolith tiles have superior physical properties compared to standard materials, including compressive strength, absorption, freeze-thaw resistance, adhesion, and dimensional tolerance. Not only are these tiles safer for humans and the planet, but they also exceed industry standards.

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Team BioSourced

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