BioPBS is a partially bio-based polybutylene succinate from PTT MCC Biochem. This biodegradable and compostable polymer is food contact approved and compatible with other biopolymers such as PLA, PHA and PBAT.

The biobased portion of BioPBS comes from biosuccinic acid (BSA), with certifications under USDA, DIN Certco, and JPB.

Because of its food safe approval and compostable properties (certified home and industrial compostable under TÜV Austria), along with its heat resistance, printability, recyclability, and drop-in processing characteristics, BioPBS offers a sustainable option in numerous food packaging applications.

Example applications include paper cups, ice cream tubs, flow pack wrappers, paper wrappers, food flexible packaging, fashion bags, mulch films, coffee capsules, straws, zippers, spunbond nursery bags, geotextiles, fruit nets, and coffee filters.

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