Bioplastics and Resins

Including bioplastics, intermediates, resin compounds, coatings, elastomers and other polymers derived from renewable biomass for a variety of applications.

YOPP PHA Pellets

YOPP PHA pellets are biopolyesters produced naturally from plant-based bacteria and other living organisms.
Mango Materials

Luminy® PLA

Luminy® PLA (poly lactic acid) is a bio-based and biodegradable plastic offered in 10 grades for different melt viscosities and applications.
TotalEnergies Corbion

Vestamid® Terra Biopolyamides

VESTAMID Terra products are high-performance biopolyamides derived from Castor oil.

Emerox® Renewable Polyols

EMEROX® Polyols are renewable raw materials delivering enhanced performance and sustainability in polyurethane foam and CASE applications.
Emery Oleochemicals

BioPiva™ lignin

UPM BioPiva™ lignin is a 100% bio-based, natural polymer with high purity and consistent product quality.
UPM Biochemicals

Keltan® Eco EPDM

Keltan® eco EPDM is a biobased rubber polymer derived from sugarcane.

Envirolite Molding Resin

ENVIROLITE® 31325-00 is an unsaturated polyester molding resin derived in part from soybean oil.

Rilsan® HT

Rilsan® HT is the first flexible, high-temperature polyphtalamide (PPA). Available from Arkema and containing up to 70% non-food crop biobased content.

reFlex 100™

reFlex™ 100 from PolyOne™ is an exceptional, high solvating, non-phthalate, bio-derived alternative to conventional plasticizers.

Biobased PHB

Mango Materials produces Poly-hydroxybutryate (Biobased PHB), a naturally occurring biopolymer from waste biogas (methane).
Mango Materials


EBECRYL® 5849 is a multi-functional polyester acrylate with bio-renewable content that enhances hardness and scratch resistance in cured films.

Sarbio® Resins

Sarbio® specialty resins are based on renewable raw materials for use in UV/EB curing compositions.
Sartomer (Arkema)

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