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Birla Viscose

Supplier: Birla Cellulose


Birla Viscose is a biobased staple fiber that offers the comfort of natural fibers along with the precision of engineered man-made fibers.

Birla Viscose is made from 100% natural wood pulp with several certifications, including Okeo-Tex Standard 100 and Cradle to Cradle Gold Material Health (Spunshades), making it safe even for baby skin. It also has a USDA Bio-based certification, and fibers are FSC-certified with full supply chain traceability.

The low friction of Birla Viscose makes it a softer, smoother, and more skin-friendly fabric. It also has inherent moisture management properties that make the fabric naturally breathable and hygienic.

Birla Viscose is also versatile and can be blended with other fibers. The fiber dyes easily and uniformly, producing vivid colours.

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