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Decovery® SP-6000XP

Supplier: Covestro


Decovery® SP-6000XP is a barrier coating resin that offers a high-performance, sustainable alternative to polyethylene (PE) and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) based solutions.

This 29% bio-based acrylic resin is specifically designed for use in barrier coatings for paper substrates and is compatible with all existing application methods, including flexo and gravure.

The Decovery® SP-6000XP resin provides a water barrier (Cobb-tested) while maintaining flexibility, making it an excellent choice for flexible paper substrates in both food and non-food applications.

Applications include flexible paper, sandwich wraps, tea envelopes, sugar bags, hot and cold food containers, and recyclable paper pouches replacing secondary plastic packaging.

The Decovery® portfolio from Covestrao consists of resins that contain up to 52% plant-based content from agricultural wastes as verified by the 14C standard.

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