Dynagard Green from the Kirkpatrick Group is a biobased and biodegradable alternative to barium grease for drill rod applications.

This premium lubricant exhibits superior bonding to metal surfaces, thanks to the polarity of its natural esters. Its balanced blend of elastomeric and polymeric tackifiers ensures robust adhesion to both wet and dry drill rods.

Offering anti-wear and extreme pressure performance surpassing conventional greases, it also boasts excellent water repellency, a credit to its aluminum complex thickener. As global norms shift away from barium-based drill rod greases, Dynagard Green emerges as the preferred alternative.

Made with high-flash-point base oils, it meets minumum USDA Biobased requires, qualifies as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricatn (EAL) and EPA’s 2013 U.S. Vessel General Permit, aligns with Ecolabel standards, and is exempt from REACH reporting due to its non-hazardous ingredients.

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