ELM 80W-90 Gear Lubricant

ELM 80W-90 Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant from Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc. is a premium biobased and biodegradable gear lubricant made from USA-grown natural seed oil. 

This product is designed to offer lubricity and protect gears and ferrous metal components from wear, rust, and corrosion. It is formulated to handle heavy loads and high torque applications, making it suited for use where industrial gear oils are specified and an API GL-5 performance level is required.

Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based oils, ELM 80W-90 is biodegradable, aquatically non-toxic, and not-bioaccumulative. It meets USDA’s proposed biobased product definition for EO 13101 and EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria.

The product reduces vibration and noise, making it a suitable choice for demanding applications of gears and drives.

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