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Supplier: ABT


EPINITY™ is a 100% bio-based Epichlorohydrin (ECH) made from glycerine and produced by Advanced Biochemical Thailand (ABT). The renewable glycerine is a by-product derived from vegetable oil from biodiesel and oleochemical production.

Using Epinity offers several environmental benefits over petro-based ECH. For example, a comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out to benchmark EPINITY™ against a state-of-the-art petro-based ECH. The LCA showed that EPINITY™’s total Global Warming Potential (GWP) is up to 67% lower than that of petro-based ECH, including biogenic carbon and direct land use change.

EPINITY™ offers 100% renewable carbon content under ASTM D6866 and can be used as a direct replacement for petro-based ECH with drop-in properties. It does not require reformulation or changes in the manufacturing process.

EPINITY™ is primarily used as a precursor to epoxy resins, with applications in protective coatings, electronic components, adhesives, and advanced composite materials. It is also used as intermediate chemicals for paper and water treatment.

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