Founded in London in 2021, FlexSea develops novel seaweed-derived biomaterials that can replace single-use plastics in various industries.

Their materials are derived from naturally occurring seaweed biopolymers from widely cultivated red seaweed strains.

Plus, unlike other biopolymers on the market like PLA, which requires industrial composting, FlexSea’s biopolymers decompose in natural environments:

These materials are truly home compostable, unlike most other bioplastics available in the market. They decompose in natural environments such as soil, marine ecosystems, and freshwater systems, without leaving behind any chemical debris or microplastic.

Carlo Fedli, CEO & Founder, FlexSea

FlexSea Products and Applications

FlexSea’s biomaterials span across both thin films and rigids/semi-rigids, and can replace single-use plastic packaging in dry and low-moisture applications.

Their excellent gas permeation and lipid barriers make FlexSea’s biomaterials particularly suited to cosmetics, consumables and dry food applications.

The idea is that these biomaterials are essentially plug-and-play into today’s existing plastic manufacturing and packaging lines. These biomaterials can also be customized to meet specific product dimensions and requirements. 

Competitively priced, the material is transparent, printable, and comes in a variety of colors, making it a versatile choice for different industries.

Seaweed as a Sustainable Source 

Harvesting seaweed for FlexSea doesn’t harm the environment; it actually offers protective benefits. 

With its rapid growth cycle of just 45 days, seaweed doesn’t require freshwater, harmful pesticides, or arable land, ensuring it doesn’t compete with food crops. 

Additionally, seaweed farms act as carbon sinks and boost local biodiversity, offering environmental benefits along with opportunities for local communities.

FlexSea is a multifaceted material ideal for packaging a range of products from dry food items to cosmetics and textiles.

All FlexSea biomaterials are truly home-compostable, degrading in the environment in natural conditions in a matter of weeks post-disposal, while remaining virtually stable in normal storage conditions over time.

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