Hexafly Produces Sustainable Feed and Fertilizer from Black Flies

Hexafly converts Black Fly Larvae into sustainable fertilizer and feed
Hexafly converts Black Fly Larvae into sustainable fertilizer and feed

Ireland-based Hexafly offers sustainable food and fertilizer solutions, utilizing Black Soldier Fly larvae to produce protein and other byproducts.

Yup, you read that correctly: Black soldier fly larvae.

Hexafly operates Ireland’s only vertical insect farm, specializing in the Black Soldier Fly to convert food waste into valuable products like protein, oil, and fertilizer:

With revolutionary breeding and bio-conversion technologies, we maximise the extraction of high-value protein and oil products for the aquaculture, animal feed and plant nutrition industries. Our process produces no waste, lowers GHG emissions, optimises land usage, utilises industrial and agricultural waste streams and improves animal nutrition and health. We are ready to feed the world.

Hexafly, LinkedIn

With their truly innovative production model based on a self-sustaining Black Soldier Fly colony, the company boasts a seemingly unlimited plant capacity, all without the use of antibiotics or synthetic chemicals.

Product Portfolio

Currently, Hexafly offers four primary products with different benefits and application potential:

  • Hexameal: A protein-rich animal feed alternative to soy and fishmeal. It offers added benefits like improved gut health and immune defenses.
  • Hexafrass: This organic fertilizer is packed with bio-active insect chitin, promoting soil health, root development, and natural defense against diseases and pests.
  • Hexaoil: A high-energy animal feed rich in easily digestible fatty acids, serving as a sustainable alternative to coconut and palm oils.
  • Hexagrubs: Targeted at wild birds, hedgehogs, reptiles, and fish, these are calcium and protein-rich, enhancing nutritional intake for a variety of animals.

Market Leadership and Global Reach

Headquartered in Meath, Ireland, Hexafly is distinguished by its efficiency in protein production, making it a market leader in this niche. While the company primarily operates in Ireland, their products are available worldwide.

They offer not just products but also investment opportunities and partnerships, underpinned by a competent management team and a robust roadmap for future expansion and funding.

Learn more about Hexafly.

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