Keltan®eco EPDM

Keltan® eco EPDM is produced by Arlanxeo, a joint venture between Lanxess and Saudi Aramco. Eco EPDM uses bio-based ethylene produced from sugarcane in Brazil.

The Keltan® eco line includes six (6) grades of eco EPDM ranging from 50 70% bio-content:  3050, 8550, 5470, 9950, 6950 and Keltan 0500R.

Most grades include 50% bio-based content, while the 5470 has 70%.

Arlanxeo claims that the bio-content of each material can be validated by the ASTM D6866, Carbon-14 test.

Eco EPDM offers equivalent performance to conventional, petroleum-based EPDM. It can be used as a high performance, heat and weather resistant elastomer (up to 150° C) for several demanding automotive applications, such as seals for coolants, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids and steam.

The bio-based component (bio-ethylene) is derived from Braskem’s sugarcane processing facility in Triunfo, Brazil. In addition to the sustainability advantages of its renewable origins, eco EPDM has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions in rubber articles by over 50%.

As a drop-in replacement for conventional EPDM, this bio-based material may also be used in tire and tube applications, aerospace seals, lubricant and oil additives, geothermal applications and much more.

Learn more about bio-based rubber and the potential of eco EPDM,

Example Applications:

  • High heat and weather resistant elastomer for:
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Plastic Modification
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial (i.e. wire & cable)
  • Lubricant and Oil Additives
  • Tire & Tube industry


Triunfo – Keltan®
Complexo Básico
BR-386 – Rodovia Tabai/Canoas, Km 419
Pólo Petroquimico – Via de Contomo, 292
95853-000 Triunfo
Brazil, BR


Basis: Bio-Content 50 – 70%, Validated by ASTM 6866, Carbon 14 test

Renewable Feedstock: Surgarcane (Bio-ethylene)

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