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Kemira Engineered Cellulose Additive (ECA)

Supplier: Kemira


Kemira ECA is a cellulose-based dry strength additive derived from wood pulp that enhances paperboard strength, particularly in packaging grades.

Unlike other products dry strength additives in Kemira’s FennoBond™ product line, which includes cationic or anionic polymers based on polyacrylamide chemistry, the ECA grades are completely biobased and dissolved on-site, reducing the need for transport and related CO2 emissions.

ECAs are not affected by high conductivity, calcium levels, or other contaminants in a papermaking process, which reduces the need for processing chemicals. With less need for foam control, retention aids, sizing, and steam, ECAs can also reduce energy usage and overall costs.

A biobased ECA also increases strength as long as it is retained, enabling basis weight reduction for many of Kemira’s customers.

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