Luminy® PLA

Luminy®  PLA (poly lactic acid) is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources, offering a reduced carbon footprint versus many traditional plastics.

The Luminy portfolio from TotalEnergies Corbion (a joint venture) currently includes 10 PLA grades with different molecular weights across four categories differentiated by melt viscosity and target applications:

  • High heat PLA for demanding applications: Includes L105, L130, L175, LX530, LX 575
  • Standard PLA for general-purpose applications: LX175
  • Low heat PLA typically used as seal layer: LX930 and LX975
  • PDLA, used either as a nucleating agent or to create complete stereocomplex compounds: Includes D070 and D120

Luminy PLA is a versatile bioplastic that can be used in numerous processes, such as thermoforming, extrusion processes, injection molding, and fiber spinning, for automotive, packaging, consumer goods, and other application areas.

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