MakeGrowLab Makes Nanofibers from Local Bio Waste

Since its inception in 2016, MakeGrowLab has been at the forefront of sustainable material innovation, marrying science with design to pioneer a fully circular production model.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s cyclical, waste-free processes, MakeGrowLab has successfully developed renewable, versatile materials that tap into local resources.

Their most noteworthy creation, Scoby Packaging Materials (SPM®), is a game-changing, home-compostable alternative to plastics that has garnered awards and high-profile partnerships, including with Colgate-Palmolive.

The Evolution of SPM®: A Disruptive Material

SPM® is not just another eco-friendly product; it is a high-performance nanofiber composed of bacterial nano-cellulose (BNC). Its unique properties make it durable and impermeable to oxygen, grease, and water vapor.

MakeGrowLab’s patented technology allows for the extraction of finer nano-cellulose, resulting in a material with a higher surface area-to-volume ratio and superior tensile strength. Remarkably, the extraction process sidesteps the need for chemicals, tree harvesting, or excessive water usage, making it as sustainable as it is efficient.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Beyond its use as a standalone material, SPM® serves as an effective additive to enhance existing materials, particularly in the paper and pulp sector.

Approved for food contact, it stands as a viable alternative to plastic-coated papers and plastic foils. Its impressive barrier properties extend its utility into a range of industries, from papers and polymers to adhesives and biomaterials.

Sustainable Packaging and Beyond

One of the most exciting applications of SPM® is in sustainable packaging. The material can be used to manufacture fully biodegradable sachets, bags, and coatings, offering a genuine solution to the world’s growing plastic waste problem.

The benefits of SPM® go even further, including reduced CO2 emissions, higher biocontent, and ultimate compostability.

Inviting Collaborative Innovation

MakeGrowLab isn’t just a manufacturer; it’s an incubator for sustainable solutions. The company offers a suite of R&D services, as well as pilot projects aimed at testing and developing new products and formulations.

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