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Monprene® S3 CP-15170 BLK

Supplier: Teknor Apex


Monprene® S3 CP-15170 BLK is a new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) by Teknor Apex, consisting of 35% sustainable content that includes UBQ™ and post-consumer recycled material.

UBQ™ is a sustainable plastic substitute made entirely from organic and unrecyclable waste. This high flow TPE is initially available in 70 Shore A and is colored black, designed for injection molding or overmolding onto PP.

Monprene TPEs combine the performance of thermoset rubber with the processability of a thermoplastic and can still be recycled. The durometer and amount of sustainable content can be customized based on end-use requirements.

This eco-conscious TPE is ideal for applications requiring flexibility such as hand and power tools, consumer electronics and appliances that include soft-touch components.

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