Seaweed Solutions: Notpla's Green Packaging Revolution

Seaweed Solutions: Notpla's Green Packaging Revolution
Seaweed Solutions: Notpla's Green Packaging Revolution

Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans.

But the London-based startup Notpla believes that the solution to our plastic problem lies in the sea. It’s no secret that packaging accounts for 40% of total plastic usage, making it one of the major contributors to plastic pollution. However, Notpla has managed to develop a range of biodegradable packaging alternatives made from seaweed.

This innovative solution can make the packaging industry more sustainable. While conventional plastic packaging can take hundreds of years to disappear, packaging made from seaweed can break down within a few weeks.

Notpla’s Journey from Nature to Innovation

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre-Yves Paslier, the co-founders of Notpla, met while studying at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.  They found inspiration in natural cycles, where nothing is ever wasted, to create biodegradable packaging that could replace single-use plastics.

After testing various natural materials, they were impressed by the properties and potential of seaweed. With this renewable material, they successfully crafted different packaging solutions that can biodegrade, just like a piece of fruit. That’s how Notpla —“not plastic”— was born.

In 2019, Notpla developed edible seaweed pouches called “Ooho”, which quickly catapulted the startup and its ground-breaking packaging alternative to fame. Three years later, the company won the £1m Earthshot Climate Prize in the category “Build a Waste-Free World” thanks to its innovative solutions.

Notpla Paper

Seaweed-powered creativity.

There’s another forest, just below the sea. Offering a different way to design, seaweed provides lush biodiversity, regenerates faster, draws down more carbon, and does not compete for soil.

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The Unique Qualities of Seaweed

Seaweed’s benefits go beyond addressing plastic pollution. While plastic production releases carbon emissions, seaweed farming actively removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making it an effective process in the fight against climate change.

But that’s not all. When compared to other natural materials, seaweed boasts several advantages, which is why Notpla chose this material. Unlike other natural alternatives, seaweed doesn’t compete with food crops for land and doesn’t need fertilizer either.

To create its sustainable packaging, Notpla uses a membrane made from seaweed. Then, this membrane is dried and finely ground into powder. After using its secret formula, Notpla transforms this powder into a thick, gloopy fluid that forms a plastic-like substance.

NOTPLA Pipettes

We are revolutionising the way oil is packaged with single doses pipettes made from one of the most renewable materials in the world - seaweed. 

They’re 100% natural, biodegradable, home-compostable, and vegan. They’re even edible too … if you’re really hungry!

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Notpla's Sustainable Packaging is Transforming the Industry

Over the years, Notpla has developed a variety of packaging options for different industries, including electronics, fashion, cosmetics, and food. Notpla’s product line includes liquid-holding bubbles, biodegradable coatings for food containers, paper made from seaweed pulp, food utensils, and more.

Every single one of its packaging options is biodegradable. Some options can dissolve in water, others are compostable, and some are edible. But they all have one thing in common: They disappear without leaving any harmful traces.

Even though Notpla is still a small company, its disruptive packaging solutions have the potential to become the new normal. In fact, Notpla has been involved in major sports events such as the Göteborg Marathon, providing edible seaweed pouches, and the UEFA Women’s Euro, offering its biodegradable food containers.

Final Thoughts

From rigid packaging to compostable condiment sachets, the possibilities are endless with Notpla’s technology. With a clear goal in mind, Notpla’s founders were able to develop a range of products that leads the way in sustainable packaging. Seaweed packaging is not only eco-friendly and sustainable but also versatile and efficient. And the best part is that once it’s used, it will disappear within a few weeks, just like a banana peel.

Learn More About Notpla:

Notpla Limited

8B Queen's Yard
E9 5EN London
United Kingdom

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Cristina Solis

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