NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec™ base oils are designed to face the toughest lubricant challenges.

These base oils are engineered for compatibility with a wide range of additive packages to formulate lubricants for several application areas, from automotive engine oils to process and industrial oils.

NovaSpec™ base oils are produced from plant sugars, which are converted to pure hydrocarbon molecules through an advanced industrial biotechnology platform.

Example Applications:

  • Base Oil for for a range of applications, from automotive engine oils to process and industrial oils.


Corporate Headquarters
5885 Hollis Street
Ste. 100
Emeryville, CA 94608 US

Basis: 50% Bio-content; ASTM 6866

Renewable Feedstock: Derived from plant sugars

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Team BioSourced

Team BioSourced

Researching sustainable biomaterials to replace conventional synthetic products for industrial and manufacturing applications.

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