NXT SOLV 100 from NXTLEVVEL, a joint venture between Towell Engineering Group and GFBiochemicals, is a proprietary Ethyl levulinate solvent.

The materials are bio-derived from (hemi)cellulosic feedstock and are a sustainable replacement for a number of materials including dibasic esters, glycol ether acetates and d-limonene.

NXT SOLV 100 has low volatility and an excellent EH&'S profile is non-toxic, slightly skin irritating, and eye irritating. It is non-sensitizing and has an outstanding performance, especially in aqueous-based formulations.

NXT SOLV 100 brings strong solvency across a broad range of organic functionalities with low to no foaming. It is a clear liquid with a low odor profile. It is a degreaser and a solubilizer for both polar and apolar compounds. Its polymer solvency dissolves a broad range of polymeric binders, making it a powerful component for resin and pigment clean-up and removal operations.

NXT SOLV 100 may be used in a broad array of formulations, particularly in aqueous formulations and organic formulations, especially if some polarity is required above degreasing properties. Applications include degreasers, polymer removers, carrier or process solvents, cleaners, detergents, and many others.

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