Polyglykol 10000 SG Vita

Polyglykol 10000 SG Vita from Clariant is a 100% biobased surfactant that functions as a moisturizer in a variety of personal care applications.

This biobased polyethylene glycol is part of Clariant’s Vita product line, which includes a range of renewably sourced surfactants that can save up to 85% of CO₂ emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.

Clariant uses 100% bio-ethanol derived from sugar cane or corn to create ethylene oxide for its innovative new surfactants and PEGs.

Polyglykol 10000 SG Vita demonstrates good solubility in water and hard water compatibility. It is a non-volatile, safe, and low-tox ingredient for shampoo formulations, body creams, soaps, and more.

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