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RUBRAN® from B4Plastics is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that utilizes bio-based building blocks created from natural sources, as well as post-consumer plastic waste, to create a more sustainable and circular material for elastomeric applications.

RUBRAN® has a biobased content of up to 30% (from a technology platform that converts raw materials such as sugar beets, wood, and grains) and can contain up to 50% recycled content.

Compared to traditional TPEs, RUBRAN® has a much lower carbon footprint, with a third-party validated reduction of around 40% in CO2 equivalent emissions. This is achieved through the incorporation of post-consumer plastics waste, which would otherwise be incinerated or landfilled, shorter transportation distances, and the potential for closed-loop recycling.

Based on a production of 500 tonnes per year, RUBRAN® is forecasted to have a significant climate impact reduction potential of 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions annually.

RUBRAN® is suitable for use in a variety of elastomeric applications, including shoe soles, forklift tires, bike handgrips, and hoses and cables.

Its properties can be tuned to meet the requirements of different end applications, with features such as high friction, noise dampening, bounce resilience, inflation, and reduced microplastics.

Overall, RUBRAN® is a sustainable and circular alternative to traditional TPEs, with a lower carbon footprint and the potential for closed-loop recycling.

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