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Supplier: Rosiro Group


Solinatra® is a 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable alternative to single-use plastics.

Solinatra is derived from agricultural and food manufacturing waste that’s dried, milled, and compounded with natural additives to form pellets. These pellets can be used in injection molding applications with existing tooling and machinery to make compostable plastic items such as single-use coffee pods and cutlery. 

Solinatra comes in different pelletized blends, including food-safe and non-food contact grades.

For example, their food-safe barrier blend is developed with monolayer barrier technology for single-use coffee capsule applications, while the standard universal blend is ideal for a range of non-food packaging applications. Both are suitable for injection molding processes.

Solinatra also comes in a dark blend produced from coffee bean waste. 

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