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SynNova® SSBO

Supplier: Novvi


SynNova® Sustainable Synthetic Base Oil (SSBO) is a 100% renewable, plant-derived base oil from Novvi.

SynNova base oils are compatible with a broad range of additives and can replace fossil-derived base oils in automotive engine oil, process lubricants, and industrial oil applications.

SynNova comes in 3 grades: SynNova 4, SynNova 9, and Novvi EL26 (meets EU ECOLABEL standards). Each grade delivers strong performance characteristics for OEM applications, such as oxidative and hydrolytic stability, improved fuel economy, and viscosity stability.

These base oils are designed as drop-in replacements for conventional materials and can significantly lower emissions and enhance sustainability due to their plant-based origins and biodegradability profile.

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