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Touch of Nature® (Resin + Hardener)


Touch of Nature® from Orineo is a 2-component thermosetting aesthetic system that consists of resin and hardener.

The material is 100% derived from annual plants, and it is made by combining OriCoat with food- and agro-industry waste such as berry skins, orange peelings, coffee grounds, oat hulls, coconut husks, and other plant-based materials.

This unique combination allows for effective upcycling of biomass into aesthetic materials with a warm and resilient touch.

Touch of Nature® is made using non-toxic ingredients, adhering to a clean label policy and excluding GHS06, 08, and 09 pictograms.

Additionally, the material is water-resistant and can be cured under versatile conditions ranging from room temperature to 120°C.

Touch of Nature® is suitable for durable applications such as table-tops, furniture finishing, interior design, and floors.

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