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Xampla Natural Biopolymers

Supplier: Xampla


Xampla is a revolutionary bio-based material made entirely from natural polymers extracted from plants, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. They use a range of plant-based feedstocks, including legumes and agricultural waste, to manufacture their products.

Xampla’s materials are not chemically modified during the manufacturing process and can be produced from 100% edible plant-based ingredients that are natural, vegan, and gluten-free. Their edible films and nutrient microcapsules are designed to be consumed and are manufactured under food-grade standards.

Xampla’s materials biodegrade quickly in natural environments such as soil, freshwater, and the oceans, without the need for specific industrial composting conditions.

These materials are designed as drop-in replacements for synthetic plastics and can be processed using existing manufacturing equipment.

Applications include edible and biodegradable flexible films, microcapsules, paper coatings and more.

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