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YOPP PHA Pellets

Supplier: Mango Materials


YOPP PHA pellets are bio-polyesters produced naturally from plant-based bacteria and other living organisms.

To make YOPP PHA pellets, Mango Materials produces P3HB (Poly-hydroxybutryate), one of the many types of PHA, and formulates it with other additives that allow for enhanced properties and complete biodegradation.

YOPP PHA is 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and readily compostable. YOPP bioplastics are versatile enough for several manufacturing processes, including injection molding, fiber extrusion, additive manufacturing, films, and flexible packaging.

End-market applications include fibers for apparel, various rigid and flexible packaging, electronic casings, children’s toys, and other consumer product categories.

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