Building Blocks

Susterra® Propanediol

Susterra® 1,3 Propanediol, developed and produced by Dupont Tate & Lyle BioProducts, is a pure, 100% biobased, and petroleum free diol.


Epicerol® is biobased epichlorohydrin (ECH) produced using Solvay's proprietary glycerol based process.

GB nC4-OL™

GB nC4-OL™ is 100 % renewable n-butanol from Green Biologics produced through fermentation of C5 and C6 sugars.

Oleris® Sebacic Acid

Oleris® Sebacic acid is a natural C10 liquid fatty acid produced by Arkema. This product is derived from castor oil.

BioChoice™ Lignin

BioChoice™ lignin is a kraft lignin produced from a single species of southern pine.


Biosuccinium™ is a sustainable succinic acid is produced from renewable, plant-based resources converted via a unique low pH yeast process.