Arda Biomaterials Turns Beer Into Leather

Arda Biomaterials

Arda Biomaterials is poised to revolutionize sustainable materials with New Grain™, an alternative leather derived from brewers’ spent grain (BSG).

Arda Biomaterials, a London-based startup founded in 2022, is harnessing the potential of BSG—a by-product of the beer-brewing process—to create a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

Their proprietary material, New Grain™, is not only eco-friendly but also exhibits properties comparable to animal leather, making it a viable substitute for various applications.

The Grain-to-Leather Process

Ever wonder what happens to all the grain left over from the beer-brewing process?

For every 100 liters of beer brewed, a substantial 20 kilograms of BSG is produced. This by-product of the brewing process is rich in protein and fiber, and most importantly, it’s what Arda capitalizes on.

By skillfully mixing BSG with other eco-friendly ingredients, including plant proteins, plant fibers, and non-toxic chemicals, they’ve created New Grain™—a material that can undergo finishing treatments similar to traditional animal leather.

A Palette of Possibilities: Material Properties and Customization

The natural color of New Grain™ is inherently dark, doing away with the need for additional colorants. However, for those seeking variety, the material can still be lightened and customized to accept a wide array of colors.

So, New Grain™ can potentially offer the best of both worlds: it not only replicates the texture and finish of animal leather but also allows plenty of room for customization in finishes, patterns, and colors.

Going Green All The Way

Unlike other alternative leathers that rely on plastics, New Grain™ is plant-powered and 100% plastic-free, enabling it to decompose without contributing to microplastic pollution.

The company also bypasses the environmental toll of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and leather tanneries, achieving reduced land, water use, and CO2 emissions through its innovative chemistry and materials science techniques.

What’s Next for Arda Biomaterials

While New Grain™ is still in the testing phase, Arda is actively working to improve its material performance, with a goal of producing limited capacities of finished material for consumer brands in the next twelve months.

And, with a recent £1.1 million investment led by the Clean Growth Fund and participation from various stakeholders in fashion and climate tech, Arda is well-positioned for market entry:

This financing round led by Clean Growth Fund will allow us to get to a finished material that we can begin selling to brands and put into consumers’ hands. I can’t wait to see others wearing it.”

Brett Cotten, CEO, Arda Biomaterials

About Arda

The company was co-founded by Edward TJ Mitchell, who holds a PhD in chemistry, and Brett Cotten, an entrepreneur with a rich background in the alternative protein sector.

The two duo operates out of ‘The Leather Market,’ a strategic location that places them at the crossroads of London’s historic tanning district and its buzzing modern craft brewing hub along the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile.’

Stay Tuned for What’s Brewing

To keep a finger on the pulse of Arda Biomaterials and stay informed about the exciting developments around New Grain™, consider visiting their official website or following them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

So there you have it—the future of sustainable leather may just be brewing in a vat of spent grain.

Stay tuned as Arda Biomaterials pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of eco-friendly materials.

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