EcoLine® Food Machinery Lubricating Grease

EcoLine® Food Machinery Lubricating Grease is a high-quality, corrosion inhibiting lubricant formulated with American-grown natural seed oil.

This environmentally friendly lubricating and rust-preventative grease, specifically formulated to meet and exceed the demands of major food and meat processing plants, conforms to USDA H-2 criteria and USDA regulations 21 CFR as a lubricant where there is no possibility of food contact in and around food processing areas.

Example Applications:

  • Food and meat processing equipment
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Bio-Content Basis: 99%; USDA Certified

Renewable Feedstock: Soy and vegetable oils

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Team BioSourced

Team BioSourced

Researching sustainable biomaterials to replace conventional synthetic products for industrial and manufacturing applications.

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