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I’m green™ EVA SVT2180

Supplier: Braskem, FKuR


I’m green™ EVA SVT2180 is a bio-based, drop-in replacement for fossil-based EVA copolymers.

This material is produced by Braskem from sugarcane-based ethanol production and supplied by FKuR in the US and Europe.

I’m green™ EVA materials are copolymers of renewable ethylene vinyl acetate with 70% minimum bio-content based on ASTM 6866. I’m green™ EVA is also 100% recyclable

These materials have excellent compatibility with other fillers and resins and can be used to make foam products and components for footwear, furniture, toys, and more.

Along with improved sustainability, I’m green™ EVA foams impart performance benefits such as elasticity, flexibility, chemical resistance, cracking resistance, and low-temperature strength.

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