Biobased Lubricants & Oils

Including base oils, process oils, hydraulic fluids, food grade lubricants, marine environmentally acceptable lubricants, wire and rope lubricants, and more.

Green-Line Wire Rope Lubricant

Green-Line Wire Rope Lubricant is a bio-based and biodegradable lubricant made from plants grown in North America.
Visco Inc.

EcoAir® Biobased CLP

EcoAir® Biobased CLP from Cortec is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaner/lubricant/protectant made from canola oil.


Dynagard Green from the Kirkpatrick Group is a biobased and biodegradable alternative to barium grease for drill rod applications.
Kirkpatrick Group


The FUTERRA HF Series from RSC is an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) made from renewable hydrocarbon-based materials.
RSC Bio Solutions

BioBlend PO

BioBlend PO is a penetrating oil and general-purpose lubricant formulated from readily biodegradable base stocks and proprietary additives.

ELM 80W-90 Gear Lubricant

ELM 80W-90 Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant is a premium biobased and biodegradable gear lubricant made from USA-grown natural seed oil. 

EvoSyn Industrial Hydraulic Fluid

EvoSyn Industrial Hydraulic Fluid is a renewable and biodegradable hydraulic oil for heavy machinery and marine equipment.
Evolve Lubricants

Bio-Fleet™ Hydraulic Fluids

Bio-Fleet™ Hydraulic Fluids are vegetable-based lubricants for hydraulic equipment operating in demanding conditions.
Renewable Lubricants

SynNova® SSBO

SynNova® Sustainable Synthetic Base Oil (SSBO) is a 100% renewable, plant-derived base oil from Novvi.

PureNova® Renewable Process Oils

PureNova process oils from Novvi are produced using a proprietary platform technology from sustainable plant feedstocks. 

Entrada® Base Oil

Entrada® BASE are bio-based lubricants designed to replace conventional petroleum-based products for industrial applications.

Biosynthetic® Base Oils

Biosynthetic® base oils are based on Estolides, a new class of bio-based compounds with excellent properties for different lubricant applications.
Biosynthetic Technologies

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