Fibers, Textiles & Composite Materials

Including fibers, nonwovens, composite matrices, reinforcement fabrics, filament yarns, membranes, biobased foam, novel packaging materials, and more.


BioFoam® is a durable and versatile foam material made from polylactic acid (PLA).

Nymax BIO

Nymax™ BIO formulations are highly engineered, low water absorption polyamides (PA) that provide a more sustainable alternative to PA66 glass fiber-filled materials.

Kelsun Yarn

Kelsun™ Yarn, from Keel Labs, offers a sustainable drop-in alternative to conventional fibers, utilizing the renewable biopolymer found in kelp.
Keel Labs


AeroFLAX, developed by Lufthansa Technik, is a flax based composite solution for aircraft cabin components.
Lufthansa Technik

Birla Viscose

Birla Viscose is a biobased staple fiber that blends natural comfort with the precision of engineered man-made fibers.
Birla Cellulose


Mettlewood from Inventwood is a densified, lignin-free wood that’s lighter and cheaper than steel.

Woamy Cellulose Based Foam

Woamy is a recyclable and biodegradable cellulose-based foam produced without any chemical additives.

Paptic Sterna®

Paptic Sterna® is a biobased and sustainable packaging material designed for large production runs.

ECOR-1 Panel

The ECOR-1 is a high-performance panel made from cellulose waste fibers that can replace traditional wood-based composites.


AceEco-Bio410 is a bio-based nylon yarn with excellent performance properties for different apparel applications. 

SENSIL® ByNature Nylon

SENSIL® ByNature is a premium Nylon 6.6 made from bio-based feedstock, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

Diolen® Polyester Yarn

Diolen® is a high-tenacity polyester yarn based on PLA that is both bio-based and biodegradable.

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