NEOPS® is a sustainable, biomass-certified foam material from Knauf Industries, offering an eco-friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Knauf Industries launches NEOPS®, its new non-petro-sourced foam material, certified from biomass A low-carbon material innovation from Knauf Industries The […]

NEOPS® is a sustainable foam material developed by Knauf Industries as an alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS). It is made from renewable raw materials, primarily biomass derived from industrial and forestry waste, in compliance with EU Directive 2015/1513, Annex IX, Part A. This approach ensures no deforestation or competition with food-producing agricultural land.

The entire value chain of NEOPS® is certified by REDcert², covering the resource used and the manufacturing process. The production uses the Mass Balance approach, maintaining the sustainability of the product.

NEOPS® features diverse performance properties including thermal insulation, fire resistance, shock absorption, and suitability for food contact. At the end of their life, NEOPS® products can be recycled through existing EPS channels.

Environmentally, NEOPS® reduces reliance on fossil raw materials and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%, according to internal calculations. The development of NEOPS® involved collaboration between Knauf Industries’ ID lab and raw material producers, emphasizing the importance of joint efforts in sustainable material innovation.

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