Textile Applications

Textile Applications

16 materials Bio-based textiles are derived from renewable natural sources, such as plant fibers (cotton, flax, hemp, linen) and animal fibers (wool, silk). They also include man-made cellulosic fibers like lyocell, made from wood pulp using eco-friendlier processes. These textiles offer diverse applications, ranging from apparel to home textiles, composites, and nonwoven products like filters and wipes.

BioBlack TX

Kelsun Yarn

Birla Viscose

Teflon EcoElite™

SENSIL® ByNature Nylon

Diolen® Polyester Yarn

Brewed Protein™ Polymers




EVO® by Fulgar

Naia™ Cellulosic Fiber

HeiQ AeoniQ™ Cellulosic Yarn

FibriPlast Non-Woven Felts

Sorona® Fiber

Biobased Xorel

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