ECOR-1 Panel

ECOR Technology produces high-performance panels made from up-cycled cellulose waste fibers, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional wood-based composites like Plywood, MDF, and Particle Board.

The ECOR-1 is 100% bio-based and fully recyclable, with feedstock sourced locally from manufacturing and agricultural byproducts that were once considered waste.

Ecor-1 is available in commercial volumes in standard 4′ x 8′ sheets and various thicknesses, and custom fiber blends from customers’ waste streams are now available.

Furthermore, sustainable coatings can be applied to enhance water and fire resistance, and a new process has been added to improve panel stability when exposed to humidity and water, making outdoor applications possible.

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Team BioSourced

Team BioSourced

Researching sustainable biomaterials to replace conventional synthetic products for industrial and manufacturing applications.

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