AeroFLAX, developed by Lufthansa Technik, is a sustainable and eco-friendly composite solution for aircraft cabin components.

It is the first airworthy composite solution based on renewable and eco-efficient pre-impregnated fiber, or prepreg, that meets the flammability requirements for aircraft cabins.

The unique combination of ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ flax fiber reinforcements, and a bio-based resin system reduces the weight of cabin components by up to 20%, leading to additional CO2 savings over their entire lifecycle.

The innovative fiber and resin treatment used to create Aeroflax allows it to meet the FAR25.853 requirements, ensuring that it is safe for use in aircraft interiors.

The applications of Aeroflax are numerous and include sidewall panels, ceiling panels, door frame linings, and lavatory shrouds.

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