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Checkerspot® AlgalCast

Supplier: Checkerspot


Checkerspot® AlgalCast is an algae-derived thermoset composite material that offers the ability to tune hardness, flexural strength, and impact resistance to meet specific end-use application requirements.

Available in Shore A and D formulations, it contains no added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI. Manufacturing AlgalCast can reduce plastic waste and raw material input, while enabling products to contain 56 – 66% USDA Certified Biobased content. Product grades include AgalCast 001, 003, and 084.

An application example is a ski sidewall made with AlgalCast, which has greater flexural strength and damping than traditional petroleum-based ABS sidewalls, and forms an intimate bond to wood core, eliminating the need for glue/resin.

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