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CEVO®-cos K-4420

Supplier: Voelpker


CEVO®-cos K-4420 from Voelpker is a bio-based substitute for polyethylene microparticles in cosmetic and personal care applications.

CEVO®-cos K-4420 is a patented, partially saponified, hard organic ester wax, based on renewable plant waxes. It is inherently biodegradable per OECD 301D.

CEVO®-cos K-4420 boasts a glossy finish and is particularly effective at retaining organic solvents, oils, and white mineral spirits.

It can bind up to twenty times its weight in these solvents, forming pastes with a firm texture that remain solid.

This material has a high melting point and is available in a powder form, composed of particles with an irregular structure.

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