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Cosmolubric® B-230

Supplier: Houghton


Cosmolubric® B-230 is one of the latest developments in Houghton’s complete line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for industry.

It is derived from vegetable oil and formulated with additives to enhance corrosion protection, metal passivation and oxidative inhibition.

A low-cost alternative to synthetic fire-resistant fluids, this biodegradable fluid is ideal for use in heavy off-highway equipment including conveyor systems, excavators, compaction equipment, pumps, trenchers, cranes, hammers, hydraulic shovels and crawler tractors.

Cosmolubric® B-230 is also used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as steel mills, foundries and die cast applications.


  • Hydraulic fluid for heavy off-highway equipment
  • Industrial applications such as steel mills, foundries and die cast applications
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Basis: 44% bio-content; USDA Certified

Renewable Feedstock: Vegetable oils

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