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Supplier: Allnex


EBECRYL® 5849 is a multi-functional polyester acrylate produced by Allnex.

This product shows excellent thermal and mechanical properties combined with low viscosity, high cure speed and hardness.

These properties make it ideal for use in OPV’s, flexo inks and matt scratch resistant topcoats for parquet as well as for high gloss pigmented 100% sprayable furniture applications.

EBECRYL® 5849 can be cured either by EB, UV or UV LED light.

Example Applications:

  • Litho Inks
  • BPA-free development in Graphics and Wood Applications
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Bio-Content Basis: 56%; Supplier Data – Weight percentage of renewable raw materials

Renewable Feedstock: Mixed feedstock, including seed oils, starch and cellulose from straw and wood

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