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erthos terrafyllo™

Supplier: Erthos


erthos terrafyllo™, developed by the Canadian green startup erthos™, is a renewably sourced and compostable resin based on novel biobased materials and designed to replace traditional polyethylene inputs in a number of applications.

Designed to be a 1-to-1 replacement for polyethylene, erthos terrafyllo™ offers the potential to significantly reduce water, energy, CO2, and plastic usage, all while maintaining compatibility with existing technologies and infrastructure.

These polymers are made from non-food, tree-free renewable sources and are food safe and compostable.

erthos terrafyllo™ can be easily integrated into casting and extrusion lines. As a result, manufacturers can potentially produce soft film, single-use plastics and packaging materials utilizing erthos terrafyllo™ without having to make significant changes to their existing operations.

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