Searo Natural Polymers

Searo is a seaweed-based organic polymer that can be used in a diverse range of applications, including food packaging, cosmetics and apparel.

Searo’s seaweed polymer is FDA-approved, plant-based, biodegradable, and can be composted at home. Seaweed sequesters vast amounts of carbon. It also absorbs moisture, preventing mold growth and extending shelf life.

Using seaweed as the base polymer feedstock is both adaptable and scalable, and it can be used in existing production lines and benefits from an abundance of seaweed raw material globally.

Overall, this seaweed-based polymer has powerful potential for diverse uses, offering a sustainable solution for manufacturers seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

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Team BioSourced

Team BioSourced

Researching sustainable biomaterials to replace conventional synthetic products for industrial and manufacturing applications.

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